The Best Email Marketing Books

Email marketing has become the most valuable way of promoting various businesses. It has made significant headway recently and the total number of email marketers increases every day. Actually, it seems that everyone’s addicted to email marketing nowadays. But no matter how good and experienced you are in email marketing, fresh sources of news and successful strategies always come in handy. Here is a list of useful email marketing related books that can help you expand your knowledge.

The Truth About Email Marketing

The-Truth-About-Email-MarketingThis book is a good resource for both beginners and advanced users. Simms Jenkins has written a good piece of work and has covered well all major practices in email marketing. They are explained so even if you are new to email marketing, you won’t encounter any difficulties.
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Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works

Create Stunning HTML Email That Just WorksMathew Patterson seems to know the business. He has written an impressive book for everyone involved in email marketing. However, do not expect a “coding” Bible. You can also download about 30 html email templates for free which have been tested on all major email clients.
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Successful E-Mail Marketing Strategies

Successful E-Mail Marketing StrategiesWell written book with simple to understand terms and techniques so everyone involved in email marketing can make use of the strategies right away. Arthur Middleton Hughes makes it easy to maximize traffic by using the most popular email marketing pieces of advice. In simple words – these 395 pages are a must-have for every email marketer.
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Email Marketing: An Hour a Day

Email Marketing: An Hour a DayJeanniey Mullen has written a wonderful useful guide for all types of users – newcomers and professionals. It’s an easy to follow step-by-step book that can help you become a skillful email marketer. Bare in mind that, this book will not cover completely all today’s email marketing strategies.
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The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing

The Complete Guide to E-mail MarketingThis book is about building successful, spam free email campaigns. It’s a suitable guide for people who seek cost effective email strategies. There are vital tips, techniques and advice described in detail. Equip yourself with this book to gain knowledge and achieve better results in the field of email marketing.
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Email Marketing By the Numbers

Email Marketing By the NumbersThe email marketing expert Chris Baggott accurately explains all effective techniques that make business profitable. This book helps readers explore the power of email marketing campaigns and gain the necessary skill to accomplish all their goals. It’s a good source for people who want to start their own email campaigns right away.
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It’s Your Turn

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to buy a book or make your own detailed research in the web. You may be an experienced email marketer, but there are a lot of strategies that you might be unfamiliar with. In order to expand your knowledge and marketing skills, look for new sources with relevant information regularly. Most of the books reviewed in our article cover almost the same topics. So you don’t need them all. However, you have to study a lot. We also suggest you read our article become an email marketing rockstar.

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