The Benefits of Email Marketing

The secret of being successful today is not only in producing quality goods or services. In fact, your products may not be worth buying at all. But if you use proper marketing strategy, your business could get to the top. It’s all about making your clients addicted to your brand. Aim at satisfying and pleasing your customers. Researches show that the most affordable way of promoting your business is by email. It has been a successful strategy for a long time. It has also become a preferred marketing tool due to its highreturn of investments and managing handled with ease. Moreover, you get detailed information about the results and statistics right after you press the “send” button. You can even start an email marketing campaign for free. Most of the bulk mail providers offer free accounts. There are also plenty of professional email templates available for free download. Here’s a good resource with free html templates.

Once you have chosen a proper email marketing platform and an email template that suits your needs, you’ll need some assistance to move on. We’ve described the most useful tips in our article here.

Why Should You Do It Anyway?

There are no disadvantages. You reach your subscribers with minimum effort. That’s the easiest way to communicate with a wide range of potential customers. There are no printing fees, no stamps to buy and no paper cuts that apply to traditional direct mail. According to researchers, every dollar spent in email marketing will give you back 40$. Sounds good, right?

Do You Want to “Cha-Ching?”

Indeed, you may offer quality products and services but as a matter of fact, most of the visitors of your website won’t buy your goods at once. Researches show that most people need to “see” a product several times before making the decision to buy it. For that reason, you need to popularise your business via email marketing campaigns, in order to:

Generate Repeat Business

Many companies often focus on the initial sales rather than making their existing customers buy again. It’s much harder and expensive to drive new traffic to your website. Instead, try to keep in touch with your customers right after they’ve purchased a product from you. Offer them special deals and goods that suit their needs. This way you get repeat sales and a satisfied client who may also promote your services to their friends and family members. Keep in mind the differences between legal and spam email campaigns, reviewed here. Focus your energy on saving all customers’ emails. Moreover, by using email marketing campaigns combined with a suitable premium email template, you will increase your foot traffic with customers who need to touch and feel the product before buying it.

Take Advantage of Cross-Selling Products

Imagine a client buying a personal computer from you. It is a good idea to email them with promotion deals about printers or other computer related things. By using proper email marketing platform, you can easily create Auto-Responders that will automatically send appropriate emails to your customers. And that’s a smart choice – you save time for  e-mailing and generate profit for yourself.

Cost & Speed of Email Marketing Campaigns

Overall, the return of investments is much bigger in email campaigns than in traditional mails. The whole process takes far less time – you can put your message in front of your customers in a few minutes. And that will cost you no more than a few cents per subscriber. In order to save more time you can purchase a pre-built email template that has already been tested on all major email clients.

Personalisation & Tracking of Html Email Templates

Every email marketing campaign helps you get closer to your subscribers. You can easily create a targeted newsletter for every person in your list, according to their interests. However, this cannot be achieved with traditional mails. Email marketing makes it possible to keep an eye on the countless statistics like: average opens, clicks and bounce rates with just a few clicks. Immediately after the campaign has started, you can check the results and find out if the campaign is successful. But to be successful, an email marketing campaign has to be presented in a modern way, just like these amazing premium email templates.

Use Email Marketing As If Your Life Depends On It!

No matter if you are a small local shop or a mid-size business company, email marketing can outperform your other marketing activities completely. It can turn those with low interest in your services into loyal customers. Remember, it’s all about permission and setting expectations. Try to meet your subscriber’s needs by answering their questions and resolving their problems. They’ll be impressed and grateful. Make this in a no-spammy way and smashing results will pop up sooner than you expect.

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