Email Marketing or Spam

Nowadays customers have plenty of choices when it comes to spending money. That’s why you should stand out from the crowd by using modern, highly effective advertising campaigns. Email marketing is that valuable method that you should focus all your energy on. It’s a cheap, targeted and powerful service that will significantly increase your income. We’ve mentioned some more benefits of email marketing in our article here. However, these strategies will work better if combined with proper premium email templates. Sounds good but what’s the catch? The final result of your email campaign often leads to an unworthy status of a “spammer”. How come?

We’ve all suffered the unwelcome emails in the mailbox. That’s called spam. The proper function of email marketing is sending targeted emails to people who have opted to receive communications from you. Regardless of this fact, companies from all over the world don’t respect that right. They send great amount of junk emails to a massive email list and count on that tiny percentage of people who will accidentally open untrusted emails. The funny thing is that sometimes spam campaigns are pretty effective.

Spamming in an Email Campaign – Legal or Not?

Not! However, the difference between “legal” and “illegal” email campaign is slightly noticeable. “Sending commercial emails to random recipients” is the correct definition of spam behavior. This may get you blacklisted all over. Under no circumstances do not buy, rent or purchase an email list database. There’s a great chance of being reported and banned which will lead to bad feedback and low results. Moreover, it’s a bad point for your reputation.

A “spam campaign” can be a result of improper advertising. You may use your own email list in the email campaign and still get reported for abuse content. But don’t worry, the moment you start building a list of only permission-based subscribers, you’re on the right way. So, there are only a few important tips you should follow to get the best results for the investment:

1) Collect Emails Only from People Who Have Asked To Receive Updates.

You can find a lot of “email collecting” software that promises high results. Don’t be a fool, it won’t work right. You may get lucky and have some promising results but it’s not a steady method. Rely only on subscribers that are really interested in your products. All other emails are just not important. That’s the crucial rule.

2) Filtrate All Subscriber’s Interests.

Use a professional email marketing platform for better results. Check out which one suits your needs in our article here. Start by inviting your subscribers to fill in a detailed form in your html email template. Add various fields for all services you provide and let them choose according to their personal interests. This way you can choose the perfect email campaign for each user. That’s how we keep sending targeted emails over and over again. This is what you should aim at – the priceless “selected users” list which is a list of people who are really interested in your products and want to stay in touch with you. However, this can only be achieved by non-spammer manners. It’s a priceless list that everyone’s dreaming of! So don’t miss the chance and give your subscribers the attention they deserve.

3) Respect Every Unsubscribe Request.

Every business has its ups and downs. Sometimes you may receive requests for unsubscribing. Don’t panic, it happens all the time. Just try to keep the number of unsubscribers to the minimum.

4) Create an Email Campaign that Call for Action.

Add a state of urgency in the html email templates! Use any of those free email templates designed to suit perfectly a variety of purposes. Don’t disappoint your readers with boring and useless emails. You shouldn’t overwhelm them with constant emails about how great your business is. After all, they’ve signed up for the newsletter to get something valuable! Focus your energy on the content. Make it fun and attractive. That’s the way to convince your clients to buy from you. You’d better make the conversation more personal. People love that kind of thing.

These are the major steps that lead to a successful email campaign. We’ve reviewed 7 more steps for successful email marketing in our article here. Use all these techniques to multiply gains. We guarantee that once you’ve got the “priceless list” and send the “right” emails using powerful premium email templates, your products will gain more popularity. It’s worth a try!

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