Become an Email Marketing Rockstar

If you are just starting using email marketing, you may find it a bit complicated. But don’t give up. It’s not that hard. By following our email template’s tips & tricks, you can improve your email marketing skills and get better results, measured by clicks, interests and actual sales. And that’s your main goal, right?

Attract more subscribers

Do your best to collect as many emails as possible. Design a noticeable subscribe field that calls for action. Moreover, make sure you inform your customers about the benefits of subscribing. Offer exclusive deals, special discounts or free samples to everyone who subscribes. Once you’ve got enough people in the subscriber’s list, it’s time to build an outstanding email campaign. Beware not to cross the line – it’s really easy to turn your email campaign into a spam-campaign. Read more about the differences here.

Let’s start with:

Choosing an Appropriate Email Marketing Platform

You’ve got plenty of options out there. Today’s email marketing platforms offer tools for building and tracking email campaigns, measuring results, integrating with social networks, etc. If you are not ready to invest big money in email marketing, you’d better register Mail Chimp’s free plan. It’s a limited option for up to 1000 subscribers. If you collect more than 1000 emails you’ll need to move to an advanced plan with more features. Eventually, choose an appropriate email platform that suits your taste. We’ve made a research on the most popular email platforms and here you can check the results. Keep in mind that these email platforms are only the tool for sending emails. You need a stunning email design to complete the entire process. Check out these premium email templates that will help you gain maximum results.

Put Relevant and Useful Content

Focus on valuable content. Present it in a simple and attractive way. Customers, who have opted to receive emails from you, expect something valuable. Don’t overwhelm them with a whole bunch of greetings and other insignificant information. Go straight to the point. It’s vital to send relevant email templates that present your services and products as clearly as possible. Remember that you will be able to keep your customers interested in your emails only by a balanced combination of images and text. In case you need more help with building a successful email campaign, check out the most common strategies mentioned in our guide here.

It’s All About Attractive Email Templates

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need a professional and attractive design. Take your time to choose suitable layout and content. Note that most of the users will scan your emails briefly, so you really need a creative design to grab their attention. If you haven’t come up with a creative idea yet, just check out some galleries like this one for more inspiration. Design your email template in the same style as your website. Using the same logo, colours and style will help your subscribers identify your brand more easily. However, if you are not good at designing and coding, you’d better ask these guys for professional help. It’s also a smart choice to pick up a pre-made template to save time and frustration. Our sister website www.ChocoTemplates.com has done the hard work and offers great premium email templates with different colour and layout options. If you choose to create it yourself, mind the limitations that concern coding an email template. Basically, that’s the hardest part of creating an email template. While you are designing it, use only solid colours and system fonts. This will save you a lot of headaches.

We’ve mentioned below some of the main tricks and tips that will help you make your html email template look great to the dozens of email clients out there.

Building an Html Email Template

 The biggest challenge for designers still remains building an email template that renders well among all popular email clients. It’s not as coding a website. Most of the email clients will render your html email template differently. The best practice is to bring CSS inline and use only table structures. Limit your html email template to 600px-700px width maximum. Try using alt text for images and add their respective dimensions. That’s the only way to be 100% sure that your email template will be OK to all email clients.

Most of the email clients block images by default. You’d better be prepared for that. Avoid using images for blank spaces, too or there’s a great chance of making a bad first impression to your subscribers.  Instead, fix all tables’ width to 100% to keep the entire structure intact. Also, mind that PNG images aren’t supported by major email clients, so stick to .JPG mostly.
We do agree that email template coding is a frustrating process. It’s like we’re back in 1998. But building email templates can be a pleasant experience. There’s hope out there – according to the latest news, Microsoft and Apple are planning to implement Web Kit to their email clients. So rendering html emails may soon jump out of the chaos. Recently, we’ve also come up with huge activities for applying general email standards. They cover subjects as reducing time for coding, loading faster and will help people with disabilities to read email templates more easily.

Mobile Phone Issues

Generally, building an html email template compatible with all mobile phones is a pain in the neck too. You need to comply with all mobile platforms like Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. Most of these mobile phones will try to adjust the text size for better legibility automatically. So take that “text-size-adjust” property to “none” if it causes some problems to your creative works.

Regularly Test Every Html Email Template

For example, if an email template is OK in Hotmail for the moment, you’d better check it again in a few weeks, because it may pop out with some errors. Remember that all email clients have different key problems that you should be aware of, so limit your “modern” coding style as much as possible.

In Conclusion

Using email marketing is essential for every business’ success. It provides better return for each dollar spent than any other direct marketing strategy. That’s why you should consider whether you’ll be going through the rough process of building an email template alone or you’ll be using some of these impressive premium html templates. Both ways, you’ll promote your business which will generate significant income for you.

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