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Email Marketing or Spam

Nowadays customers have plenty of choices when it comes to spending money. That’s why you should stand out from the crowd by using modern, highly effective advertising campaigns. Email marketing is that valuable method that you should focus all your energy on. It’s a cheap, targeted and powerful service that will significantly increase your income. We’ve mentioned some more benefits of email marketing in our article here. However, these strategies will work better if combined with proper premium email templates. Sounds good but what’s the catch? The final result of your email campaign often leads to an unworthy status of a “spammer”. How come?

We’ve all suffered the unwelcome emails in the mailbox. That’s called spam. The proper function of email marketing is sending targeted emails to people who have opted to receive communications from you. Regardless of this fact, companies from all over the world don’t respect that right. They send great amount of junk emails to a massive email list and count on that tiny percentage of people who will accidentally open untrusted emails. The funny thing is that sometimes spam campaigns are pretty effective.

Spamming in an Email Campaign – Legal or Not?

Not! However, the difference between “legal” and “illegal” email campaign is slightly noticeable. “Sending commercial emails to random recipients” is the correct definition of spam behaviour. This may get you blacklisted all over. Under no circumstances do not buy, rent or purchase an email list database. There’s a great chance of being reported and banned which will lead to bad feedback and low results. Moreover, it’s a bad point for your reputation.

A “spam campaign” can be a result of improper advertising. You may use your own email list in the email campaign and still get reported for abuse content. But don’t worry, the moment you start building a list of only permission-based subscribers, you’re on the right way. So, there are only a few important tips you should follow to get the best results for the investment:

1) Collect Emails Only from People Who Have Asked To Receive Updates.

You can find a lot of “email collecting” software that promises high results. Don’t be a fool, it won’t work right. You may get lucky and have some promising results but it’s not a steady method. Rely only on subscribers that are really interested in your products. All other emails are just not important. That’s the crucial rule.

2) Filtrate All Subscriber’s Interests.

Use a professional email marketing platform for better results. Check out which one suits your needs in our article here. Start by inviting your subscribers to fill in a detailed form in your html email template. Add various fields for all services you provide and let them choose according to their personal interests. This way you can choose the perfect email campaign for each user. That’s how we keep sending targeted emails over and over again. This is what you should aim at – the priceless “selected users” list which is a list of people who are really interested in your products and want to stay in touch with you. However, this can only be achieved by non-spammer manners. It’s a priceless list that everyone’s dreaming of! So don’t miss the chance and give your subscribers the attention they deserve.

3) Respect Every Unsubscribe Request.

Every business has its ups and downs. Sometimes you may receive requests for unsubscribing. Don’t panic, it happens all the time. Just try to keep the number of unsubscribers to the minimum.

4) Create an Email Campaign that Call for Action.

Add a state of urgency in the html email templates! Use any of those free email templates designed to suit perfectly a variety of purposes. Don’t disappoint your readers with boring and useless emails. You shouldn’t overwhelm them with constant emails about how great your business is. After all, they’ve signed up for the newsletter to get something valuable! Focus your energy on the content. Make it fun and attractive. That’s the way to convince your clients to buy from you. You’d better make the conversation more personal. People love that kind of thing.

These are the major steps that lead to a successful email campaign. We’ve reviewed 7 more steps for successful email marketing in our article here. Use all these techniques to multiply gains. We guarantee that once you’ve got the “priceless list” and send the “right” emails using powerful premium email templates, your products will gain more popularity. It’s worth a try!

The Benefits of Email Marketing

The secret of being successful today is not only in producing quality goods or services. In fact, your products may not be worth buying at all. But if you use proper marketing strategy, your business could get to the top. It’s all about making your clients addicted to your brand. Aim at satisfying and pleasing your customers. Researches show that the most affordable way of promoting your business is by email. It has been a successful strategy for a long time. It has also become a preferred marketing tool due to its highreturn investments and managing handled with ease. Moreover, you get detailed information about the results and statistics right after you press the “send” button. You can even start an email marketing campaign for free. Most of the bulk mail providers offer free accounts. There are also plenty of professional email templates available for free download. Here’s a good resource with free html templates.

Once you have chosen a proper email marketing platform and an email template that suits your needs, you’ll need some assistance to move on. We’ve described the most useful tips in our article here.

Why Should You Do It Anyway?

There are no disadvantages. You reach your subscribers with minimum effort. That’s the easiest way to communicate with a wide range of potential customers. There are no printing fees, no stamps to buy and no paper cuts that apply to traditional direct mail. According to researchers, every dollar spent in email marketing will give you back 40$. Sounds good, right?

Do You Want to “Cha-Ching?”

Indeed, you may offer quality products and services but as a matter of fact, most of the visitors of your website won’t buy your goods at once. Researches show that most people need to “see” a product several times before making the decision to buy it. For that reason, you need to popularise your business via email marketing campaigns, in order to:

Generate Repeat Business

Many companies often focus on the initial sales rather than making their existing customers buy again. It’s much harder and expensive to drive new traffic to your website. Instead, try to keep in touch with your customers right after they’ve purchased a product from you. Offer them special deals and goods that suit their needs. This way you get repeat sales and a satisfied client who may also promote your services to their friends and family members. Keep in mind the differences between legal and spam email campaigns, reviewed here. Focus your energy on saving all customers’ emails. Moreover, by using email marketing campaigns combined with a suitable premium email template, you will increase your foot traffic with customers who need to touch and feel the product before buying it.

Take Advantage of Cross-Selling Products

Imagine a client buying a personal computer from you. It is a good idea to email them with promotion deals about printers or other computer related things. By using proper email marketing platform, you can easily create Auto-Responders that will automatically send appropriate emails to your customers. And that’s a smart choice – you save time for  e-mailing and generate profit for yourself.

Cost & Speed of Email Marketing Campaigns

Overall, the return of investments is much bigger in email campaigns than in traditional mails. The whole process takes far less time – you can put your message in front of your customers in a few minutes. And that will cost you no more than a few cents per subscriber. In order to save more time you can purchase a pre-built email template that has already been tested on all major email clients.

Personalisation & Tracking of Html Email Templates

Every email marketing campaign helps you get closer to your subscribers. You can easily create a targeted newsletter for every person in your list, according to their interests. However, this cannot be achieved with traditional mails. Email marketing makes it possible to keep an eye on the countless statistics like: average opens, clicks and bounce rates with just a few clicks. Immediately after the campaign has started, you can check the results and find out if the campaign is successful. But to be successful, an email marketing campaign has to be presented in a modern way, just like these amazing premium email templates.

Use Email Marketing As If Your Life Depends On It!

No matter if you are a small local shop or a mid-size business company, email marketing can outperform your other marketing activities completely. It can turn those with low interest in your services into loyal customers. Remember, it’s all about permission and setting expectations. Try to meet your subscriber’s needs by answering their questions and resolving their problems. They’ll be impressed and grateful. Make this in a no-spammy way and smashing results will pop up sooner than you expect.

Become an Email Marketing Rockstar

If you are just starting using email marketing, you may find it a bit complicated. But don’t give up. It’s not that hard. By following our email template’s tips & tricks, you can improve your email marketing skills and get better results, measured by clicks, interests and actual sales. And that’s your main goal, right?

Attract more subscribers

Do your best to collect as many emails as possible. Design a noticeable subscribe field that calls for action. Moreover, make sure you inform your customers about the benefits of subscribing. Offer exclusive deals, special discounts or free samples to everyone who subscribes. Once you’ve got enough people in the subscriber’s list, it’s time to build an outstanding email campaign. Beware not to cross the line – it’s really easy to turn your email campaign into a spam-campaign. Read more about the differences here.

Let’s start with:

Choosing an Appropriate Email Marketing Platform

You’ve got plenty of options out there. Today’s email marketing platforms offer tools for building and tracking email campaigns, measuring results, integrating with social networks, etc. If you are not ready to invest big money in email marketing, you’d better register Mail Chimp’s free plan. It’s a limited option for up to 1000 subscribers. If you collect more than 1000 emails you’ll need to move to an advanced plan with more features. Eventually, choose an appropriate email platform that suits your taste. We’ve made a research on the most popular email platforms and here you can check the results. Keep in mind that these email platforms are only the tool for sending emails. You need a stunning email design to complete the entire process. Check out these premium email templates that will help you gain maximum results.

Put Relevant and Useful Content

Focus on valuable content. Present it in a simple and attractive way. Customers, who have opted to receive emails from you, expect something valuable. Don’t overwhelm them with a whole bunch of greetings and other insignificant information. Go straight to the point. It’s vital to send relevant email templates that present your services and products as clearly as possible. Remember that you will be able to keep your customers interested in your emails only by a balanced combination of images and text. In case you need more help with building a successful email campaign, check out the most common strategies mentioned in our guide here.

It’s All About Attractive Email Templates

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need a professional and attractive design. Take your time to choose suitable layout and content. Note that most of the users will scan your emails briefly, so you really need a creative design to grab their attention. If you haven’t come up with a creative idea yet, just check out some galleries like this one for more inspiration. Design your email template in the same style as your website. Using the same logo, colours and style will help your subscribers identify your brand more easily. However, if you are not good at designing and coding, you’d better ask these guys for professional help. It’s also a smart choice to pick up a pre-made template to save time and frustration. Our sister website has done the hard work and offers great premium email templates with different colour and layout options. If you choose to create it yourself, mind the limitations that concern coding an email template. Basically, that’s the hardest part of creating an email template. While you are designing it, use only solid colours and system fonts. This will save you a lot of headaches.

We’ve mentioned below some of the main tricks and tips that will help you make your html email template look great to the dozens of email clients out there.

Building an Html Email Template

 The biggest challenge for designers still remains building an email template that renders well among all popular email clients. It’s not as coding a website. Most of the email clients will render your html email template differently. The best practice is to bring CSS inline and use only table structures. Limit your html email template to 600px-700px width maximum. Try using alt text for images and add their respective dimensions. That’s the only way to be 100% sure that your email template will be OK to all email clients.

Most of the email clients block images by default. You’d better be prepared for that. Avoid using images for blank spaces, too or there’s a great chance of making a bad first impression to your subscribers.  Instead, fix all tables’ width to 100% to keep the entire structure intact. Also, mind that PNG images aren’t supported by major email clients, so stick to .JPG mostly.
We do agree that email template coding is a frustrating process. It’s like we’re back in 1998. But building email templates can be a pleasant experience. There’s hope out there – according to the latest news, Microsoft and Apple are planning to implement Web Kit to their email clients. So rendering html emails may soon jump out of the chaos. Recently, we’ve also come up with huge activities for applying general email standards. They cover subjects as reducing time for coding, loading faster and will help people with disabilities to read email templates more easily.

Mobile Phone Issues

Generally, building an html email template compatible with all mobile phones is a pain in the neck too. You need to comply with all mobile platforms like Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. Most of these mobile phones will try to adjust the text size for better legibility automatically. So take that “text-size-adjust” property to “none” if it causes some problems to your creative works.

Regularly Test Every Html Email Template

For example, if an email template is OK in Hotmail for the moment, you’d better check it again in a few weeks, because it may pop out with some errors. Remember that all email clients have different key problems that you should be aware of, so limit your “modern” coding style as much as possible.

In Conclusion

Using email marketing is essential for every business’ success. It provides better return for each dollar spent than any other direct marketing strategy. That’s why you should consider whether you’ll be going through the rough process of building an email template alone or you’ll be using some of these impressive premium html templates. Both ways, you’ll promote your business which will generate significant income for you.

Deeply Analyse All Email Marketing Campaigns

It seems you’ve reached the next level. You’re probably already using a proper email marketing platform and have a good email template. And now it’s time to track the results. You have to deeply analyse all statistics and the overall performance to make the most of your email campaign. These powerful reports and statistics will help you predict the success of your future email campaigns.

In case you haven’t chosen a proper bulk mail platform yet, we can help you make your decision. Check out our email marketing platforms review.

Pay extra attention to the:

Open Rates

Generally, Open Rates presents the average number of opened emails. Nowadays, they` re overfilled with spam and viruses spread mostly by email. That’s why all major Internet service providers use strong firewall and antivirus protection. Therefore, the statistics of opened emails are not that accurate. Due to the great amount of spam emails, the average percentage of opened emails strongly decreases. Generally, expect high open rates only for your first email campaign. These stats will most likely fall down considerably to 20%-25% for your next email campaigns, because people may have lost their initial interest in your brand. Note that your main goal is not only to make the subscribers open your email. You have to attract the customer’s attention right away. Here we’ve introduced some vital tips & tricks for achieving that easily.


Bounces show the number of undelivered emails due to an error, caused mostly by hardware faults (temporary server error, deleted email account or connection issues)

Another reason for a high bounce rate is getting blocked by email firewalls and by spam filters. In this case, you’d better examine the SMTP replies, in order to get more details and decide whether to send these emails again or not.

Click Rates

Every email campaign is created for a particular purpose. It’s essential to evaluate the success of the campaign. In most cases, the main purpose of an email template is to generate clicks. Click rates present which of your links had the greatest impact on your subscribers. Analyse these stats carefully. Try out different sizes of the text links and use more “call to action” buttons to increase the total number of clicks. A very good idea is to divide subscribers into different groups-by age, location, interests, etc. That will help you send targeted newsletters. This way your click rates will increase and purchases could rise.

Spam Complaints?

When someone reports your email as a spam, a complaint message is sent to the ISP. Generally, just few reports per campaign are not a problem but if this rate goes up, you’ve probably driven your subscribers really mad. If you use a list of people who have contacted you, there won’t be any spam complaints. Try sending relevant and useful information to the subscribers. Otherwise, you’ll get high unsubscribe rate and lots of spam complaints, which will probably result in your account being blocked all over. If you experience difficulties with recognising a spam campaign, read our article here.

Test Every Email Campaign Over and Over

If your email campaign doesn’t get superb results, you’d better change the subject, design, content, etc. For example, try using shorter and more appealing titles to stand out with. Use all pre-built merge tags that allow higher level of personalisation, e.g. you can greet all subscribers by their names. Plan the frequency of sending the email campaigns more precisely. Experiment with sending emails during different times of the day. In accordance with your audience and content decide whether it’s better to send emails on weekdays or during the weekends. For example, if you’re running a clothes shop, you’d better send emails more often. Use photos of the items and big texts for your daily deals, promotions, etc. You should aim at finding the perfect time for sending emails and newsletters. Otherwise, e-mailing too frequently or rarely may result in subscribers pressing the “unsubscribe” button.

Personal Touch

Get to know your subscribers. Make the communication more personal. The “Social Pro” service, presented by MailChimp, grants you all these features. You have access to detailed information such as age, location, job, gender, etc. about each one of your subscribers,. This way, when you hold a local event you could easily inform all customers nearby. There are also social network stats available, which help you to get to know your most influential subscribers. We strongly suggest dividing all customers into different groups. For example, make a group of people who didn’t open your email. Then create a modified email campaign especially for them and send it again.

In Conclusion

Once you start sending email campaigns regularly, it’s vital to track your progress. Carefully examine all reports and statistics. That’s the best way to find out if your email strategies work or not. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a nerdy statistician because all the data is presented in a simple and user-friendly way and you can easily measure the results. Inspect your website traffic statistics too and if there are more visitors and sales, you’re on the right way.

7 Simple Steps to Successful Email Marketing

We all know the benefits of email marketing. It seems to be the easiest way to maintain a successful relationship with your customers, so don’t lose the opportunity to increase your traffic and get your brand visible. Start your own email campaign straight away!

But what’s the key to successful email marketing?

1) Attract New Subscribers to Make You Email Campaigns Successful

First of all, you need lots of email addresses. That’s the main problem you need to take into consideration. There are different ways of attracting new subscribers. However, you have to be really creative to win customers’ hearts. Seek new ways to gain subscribers. For example, offer exclusive content to subscribers only. Give every new subscriber an e-book for free. This way you’ll gain new subscribers very quickly. Once there are enough people, you’re ready to start your own email marketing campaign.

Building and managing your own subscribers list is the key to the successful email marketing. And you should take that to heart. Using downloaded email database or emails collected by others, inappropriate ways may cost you getting banned and blacklisted everywhere on the web. Rely only on subscribers that have asked to receive updates from you – subscribers that are really interested in your products.

2) Choose Appropriate Design for your HTML Email Template

In order to achieve great results in email marketing, you need creative and unique email templates. Build personalised emails with perfect balance of text and images. Make clear and suitable content. However, it’s not that easy to create a good newsletter design. There are too many limitations that you should consider. In many cases it is better to choose a pre-made email template that has already been tested on all major email clients. That’s the smartest choice if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

3) Create Personalised Email Campaign

Realizing the advantage of targeted email campaigns will take you to the top. Make your subscribers feel unique. Use merge tags in your html email templates to greet them by name. For better results customize different html email templates according to the personal interests and preferences of your subscribers. Attract them in order to gain higher results. Do not overwhelm the customers with constant useless emails – try to find the perfect balance of email content. Add exciting news, hot deals or whatever to call for action and provoke interest in your subscribers. Occasionally, try new strategies using html email templates when open rates go down. That’s the best way to convince disengaged clients to buy more often.

4) Avoid Email Marketing Blunders

Testing the emails before pressing the “send” button will save you time and frustration. In the email marketing world it is really hard to get your message delivered. The main reason is the increasing number of spam messages generated every day. Therefore, today’s spam filters have strong protection. Avoid using spammy words like “for free”, “click below”, “save big money”, “do it today”…etc. Mind your punctuation as well. Don’t use only capital letters and try not to go too crazy when using exclamation and question marks. If you are new in the email marketing, we’d love to explain several more spam issues you may encounter.

5) Win Back Lost Customers

Most companies focus their energy on initial sales. But what about those clients who have purchased goods from you in the past and for some reason haven’t thought about you recently? A very important stage of promoting your business is developing efficient plans to win these people back to you. Actually, it’s cheaper to keep in touch with existing clients rather than trying to generate new traffic. Remind them how profitable to buy from you is.

Regard with respect all regular clients – include special discounts, promotions and other exclusive offers in the email templates. That will keep clients loyal and they will continue generating profit for you.

6) Track your Email Campaigns!

Analyse thoroughly the results in order to squeeze as much as possible from your email campaign. There is no point in making all that efforts and not checking the important data. Fortunately, it’s not a deadly dull statistics to stare at – all of the major campaign platforms will present it in a shiny and user-friendly way. Carefully examine the open rates, clicks, bounces, the total number of unsubscribers, etc. These stats will assist you in finding what exactly is and isn’t working in the emails you send. Experiment with different headings, content and html email templates, and then track the results back.

7) Precise Timing

Email marketers prefer sending in the afternoon, just after lunch time, rather than in the morning. Avoid sending emails on Monday or during the weekend. People are more active on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sending emails on Friday is also not a good idea, because everyone’s making plans for the weekend. Choose relevant time for sending your email campaigns considering the location of the recipients. Experiment with sending emails on different days of the week in order to develop plans for perfect timing strategy.

In Conclusion

What you need to start an efficient email campaign is now right in your hands! Follow these simple steps and you will make your company even more successful.

Email Marketing Platforms Review

In today’s world email marketers use different  Email Marketing Platforms to run their email campaigns. In this article we discuss about the advantages, features and many more things about famous platforms.

In the quest to increase sales and keep customers using their services or buy their products, smart companies take advantage of email marketing. Email marketing campaigns are highly effective in terms of targeting customers and increasing the income.

Once your visitors have showed interest in your products or services and have subscribed to the company’s newsletter, it’s your turn to get revenues from these potential clients.

We’ve made a research and here’s a list of what we like most. All the suggested email platforms are user friendly and offer great features for your email campaigns, so choose wisely depending on your personal needs and budget.

Here are some quick links if you only need specific information from this article: